5/365 – I want to ride my bicycle

I have decided to carry my camera on me at all times. That way I can get more interesting things for my 365 hopefully. This morning, after my 8:00 am class, I was walking back to my car and I saw this bike on a bike rack. It caught my eye then, but I was just too cold and tired from being up so early so I just couldn’t bring myself to take my camera out of my purse and snap a shot. Later on, a couple classes later, I was walking to my car yet again, and the bike was still there. It was evening by then, and the light was just beautiful on it. I couldn’t resist. I took a couple of shots (and got a few weird looks from people while I did so), and ended up with this. I took a bunch of others on the rest of my walk but this one just caught my eye. I hope you enjoy! Happy hump day!

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