9/52 – Feet

Creative title, I know. But I wasn’t feeling all that creative necessarily this week. My boyfriend and I went on a hike (the same hike as all the moss pictures), and I knew I wanted my self-portrait for the week to be out there. I hadn’t put any thought into it, since the trip itself was very last-minute. We had been walking for a bit and we stumbled on this little frozen stream, and I thought it would be good for a self-portrait. I decided I only wanted my feet in the shot mainly because (as cheesy as it is) my feet are very very important to me. I am a very active person, I play soccer, run, hike, climb, and pretty much anything else that involves being active. So I thought it was fitting for me to have a portrait of my feet. I didn’t do hardly any post-work, I just wanted to keep it simple and “plain” for the week. I hope you enjoy!

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