34/365 – A Beautiful Surprise

For quite a few years now my dad has bought me flowers on Valentines Day. He even sent them to me my first year of college. Today, I had a long day of observations in the high school, and when I got home my roommates boyfriend was leaving and told me that somebody had sent me something. I excitedly burst inside expecting a package from my mom, but instead, straight in front of me was this huge, beautiful bouquet from my parents! I didn’t stop smiling for about an hour. And I immediately pulled out my camera and snapped some shots. They are now sitting on the table next to my bed and I just love it. I love randomly getting flowers (even though this one wasn’t so random I suppose), it never fails to make me insanely happy. So now I am curled up in my bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a stunning bouquet of pink and white flowers next to me. How much more perfect could it get? I have such amazing parents!

I should also warn that tomorrows shot may again be of the flowers. I have something in mind that I want to do, it just depends on it I get up early enough and if it is sunny.

The card that came with:

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