107/365 – Where I long to be

Terribly lame picture I know. Everything is due Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for me, and so my head is spinning. Not to mention getting my drivers license renewed in time and so many non school related things that I need to get done this week. I had been working all day, and then fell asleep accidentally, and when I woke up I realized I didn’t have a picture. I wasn’t going to take one, but was making my bed and decided the wrinkles could look alright.

3 thoughts on “107/365 – Where I long to be

    • well the more I look at it the more I like it, ha. It kind of makes me happy and relaxed when I look at it now. Plus I am not a huge fan of replacing images of my 365, it is a learning process, so even if it is a “bad” shot, I can look back and see why I don’t like it and what I did wrong.

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