143/365 – Shine On

I was so happy with how this turned out. It was kind of a random, rushed idea because I was helping Susannah on a studio project. Plus, this is straight out of camera (SOOC), which I love.

Also, it has been brought o my attention on multiple occasions that a lot of my pictures have grass, and glass in them. Which is true, because I love both of those things. So I apologize if things get repetitive.

141/365 – Floating

I had been wanting to do something hanging from trees from a while, so I am pretty happy that I was able to finally do it and that it turned out. I had such a tough time deciding which one, so there may be more posted later on.

Again, super stuck on a title. So, recommendations would be wonderful.

140/365 – Rain

It stormed this morning, and instead of heading in to work I took pictures in the rain. I love it. I’m not in love with this picture however. But it is something different from most of the pictures I have put up, so I like it. Plus I am feeling super lazy and working on editing pictures, so I don’t feel like going out to take more pictures.