3 thoughts on “129/365 – Playing With Fire

  1. Hey there, I totally understand the burnout, but I hope you don’t quit. I enjoy your photos and check on your almost every day. I have a daughter who is an Arts student at UBC in Vancouver, and somehow I feel connected.

    Anyway, I feel burned out almost every week on this, and a few things have helped me. One is that I sort of cheat. I take tons of photos on the weekend (usually I take a walk or go someplace like the cemetery) and stock up for a week. And I try really hard just to take pix for myself, and forget about everyone else. Like who cares if I post pix of my dog everyday? Other people are probably sick of them, but it’s what I am about right now. But for me, stocking up so I just have to think about it once on the weekend has really helped.

    Good luck!


    • I won’t be quitting, don’t worry. I would be far too mad at myself. I am glad you feel connected and enjoy my pictures! That means a lot!

      The “cheating” thing doesn’t work for me though. I really want to push myself to look at critically at things every single day. And I am not posting stuff for others right now, but I want my pictures to still be artistic and compositionally good. I am a photo student and so it is extremely important to me that my picture is a strong one every single day. I am glad you have found some tricks that work for you though! And thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  2. Hi, I hear you too. It can be hard to stay motivated to keep the whole 365 day thing going. Keep at it, it will feel like such an achievement at the end. Thanks for the photos, I enjoy checking in every now and then.

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