172/365 – Train

I am really creative with titles I know.

I did another self-portrait shoot this evening. We were on the train tracks, with lights and generator and everything, and then a train came by. So we quickly had to move everything out of the way before the train came, and then had to set up all over again. Luckily we didn’t get bothered by another train for the rest of the shoot. We did however, get a million funny looks from the people driving by since it was such a busy road.

170/365 – Summer Dreams

Yesterday was, overwhelming to say the least. If you remember from a week or however long ago, I had mentioned how badly I need a new camera. Well, yesterday afternoon, my prayers were answered. A friend came over yesterday afternoon, with a wrapped box in hand. I opened it, and discovered that I had just been given a brand new, Nikon D90 kit. This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but this was (and is) HUGE to me. Right at a time when I was needing one and trying to figure out how I could possibly pay for one, someone just hands me one.

This is by far one of the most generous gifts I have ever received. I was in shock for a good half hour, and then I became completely overwhelmed with emotions. I sat on my couch, thinking about the weekend and past weeks; with all of the shoots I have been doing with Andrew Kung, and then with this camera, I was overcome by how incredibly blessed I am. I am in awe of how perfect God’s timing is, and how God has used the people in my life.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am, and how excited I am to see what God has in store for me.

So, all that said, here are two exciting things about my beautiful new camera: my favorite lens, a 50mm, is now autofocus!! on my D40 it was only manual focus, so I am so excited that I will be able to use my nifty 50 more. And secondly, it shoots video! I shot a video last night, but am still trying to figure out music to go along with it, so that will have to wait a few days.

Last thing, and then I will stop rambling. I know this picture is pretty common, and not very exciting at all. But I love it, and it fits so well with how I am feeling at this point in time, so I don’t even care.

169/365 – Luxury

This was a weekend full of firsts for me: first product shoot, first time in Bowling Green, KY, first engagement shoot, first time staying in a hotel alone, and first time sleeping in a king sized bed. It was crazy.

On Friday I shot some silk scarves and a shirt that are made by a woman here in KY. I wont be able to post the pictures from the product shoot because they were on Andrew Kung’s (the photographer I have done the Churchill shoots with, and am interning with this fall) camera. However, it was such a great learning experience, and I was pretty happy with the pictures I took (we will see how she liked them soon).

On Saturday I drove to Bowling Green with Drew, and shot my first engagement shoot with him. I will be posting those pictures soon. Drew got me a hotel room  there, and I had a king sized bed all to my self. It was both awesome and crazy. I still slept curled up in a tiny little ball despite all the room in the bed, I was entertained by it, and felt kind of silly. When I was getting ready for bed I noticed how wonderful my white computer looked on the white sheets with the yellow cast from the only light on, and so I took this picture.

I have some more extremely big news tomorrow, but I want to post the picture with the news, and I need to get a few things worked out before then.

166/365 – Field of Gold

I had another self-portrait shoot for my studio project tonight. I am still kind of stuck on what direction to take with it, which is really starting to frustrate me. But, it is getting me to some pretty locations that provide things other than glass and water, so it is a nice change of pace at least.

The Others

Here are the rest of the self portraits from tonight that I liked. All of them were meant to have a strobe or two, but it stopped working on me after the frist 20 minutes or so unfortunately. Also all were done for the project I am working on for studio, which will be a series of self portraits. There will be much more to come from that project.

19/52 – Stuck

Well the title is mostly because I was stuck on a title, but it also kind of fits the picture I think.

This is a picture that is for my independent studio project. It will be a series of self portraits. They are technically a progression so I guess this shouldn’t be posted until the end, but oh well. I really liked a few from this shoot so I will post a few more. I just wish the strobe would have worked the entire time.

165/365 – Barbed

I went to take pictures for my independent studio project this evening. Mitch (from a 365 a while ago) and I went out driving in search of a location, and had quite the little adventure. I love that these adventures; finding cool new spots is always great, but the journey to find them is almost more fun.

We were out by a bunch of farms, and most of them have barbed wire fences, and I have always wanted a good picture of one, so I decided to make it my 365 for the day.