This was from the bubble shoot the other day. Susannah (my studio "partner", my closest friend in Lexington, and my roommate for a month) was kind enough to help me out, and the lighting was beautiful on her so I had to get some shots!

Much more to come, so hopefully you don’t get bored of all of these.

I am really in desperate need of a new camera, it is starting to really hold me back a lot. I am thinking about trying to sell prints in order to begin raising money for it? Of couse I have said I will sell prints a million times and still haven’t. But I am going to try to follow through this time. Any suggestions on where to sell or how to print would be great! And of course any request to buy would be even better!!

7 thoughts on “Susannah

    • What is secondly?

      My camera just kind of struggles in general. I can’t do anything with and ISO over 400 or it looks like crap, and even 400 has too much noise for my taste. I can’t take as many frames per second as I would really like to, especially for high speed stuff. And then non camera related I just don’t have lenses that allow me to do some of the things in my head.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love my camera and I am so extremely grateful to have it, but I just want to do more than the equipment I have is allowing me.

      • Ahhh…well, secondly, you’re the photographer, not the camera, and a camera doesn’t “make” the photograph, it just takes it. That being said, have you thought about incorporating some of the “flaws” into your work? Sometimes the flaws are the happy surprises that makes things great! (And I’m not trying to say that you haven’t thought about it, nor am I saying that you should keep a “flawed” camera…)

      • Yeah I know that the camera doesn’t make the photography, but it is frustrating when I have a very specific idea in my head and my camera doesn’t allow for me to do that. And occasionally the flaws are happy things I agree, but not all the time. And it is getting to be more often that they are not happy things. Sometimes I can make the flaws work to my advantage and be part of my style or what not, but sometimes it is just beyond frustrating and keeps me from producing the photograph I want. But, that said, I won’t be able to afford a new camera, or new lenses for that matter, for a very very very long time. So I just need to try to keep my mind off of it all.

      • Oh, I can understand the frustration – I miss having a digital camera, simply for the ease of use…though if I had one, it would probably sit with my film camera in my bag in a closet!

        On a slightly unrelated, but related note, I’m reading Beth Moore’s “So Long, Insecurity” and she has a whole chapter on trusting God, and I saw an email from Dan Miller about praying with your legs, recently. Basically God’s just been showing me taht sometimes you’ve got to just keep truckin’ and God will provide, but we all have to do our part.

        Ex. 14:15 “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.”

        While they were walking through the desert, they kept praying and complaining, and God basically told them to just walk. I’m not trying to say you’re complaining – because I don’t think you are at all, I’m just trying to say keep pushing through the hard times and if you get scared, know that God is 2000% trustworthy and will be there through your fears and frustrations!

        So I don’t know if that made any sense, or was in any way encouraging….but it was supposed to – make sense and encourage that is!

      • Oh Kristina you have no clue how much I needed to be reassured of that. It is something that I have thought about in terms of many other things, but not really with my photography. I know I just need to push through the frustrations and trust that God will provide what I need when I need it. Thank you so so much!!

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