The Others

Here are the rest of the self portraits from tonight that I liked. All of them were meant to have a strobe or two, but it stopped working on me after the frist 20 minutes or so unfortunately. Also all were done for the project I am working on for studio, which will be a series of self portraits. There will be much more to come from that project.

2 thoughts on “The Others

  1. I like the top/first one of you sitting in the grass. I also REALLY like the image of you dropping the bear, but due to the lack of strobe the lighting seems almost not right. Why are you dropping a bear onto the road in the country? Something about it makes it a little creepy… in a good way. Maybe you can amp up that creepy feeling in Photoshop by adding a little extra darkness?

    • yeah I really wish that the strobe would have been working for the bear picture. Ha I didn’t really intend for it to be creepy, but I do see what you are saying. The project is basically about growing up, becoming independent etc. And so the bear is representative of childhood and what not, and I am in the country to give a sense of isolation because maturing is a very personal thing. If any of that makes sense. Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciate it, and I am glad you enjoyed them!

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