200/365 – Reading

Still behind, of course.

I am taking the History of Jazz right now, and we had to choose something related to jazz to research, do a presentation, and write a paper on. I chose to research Nina Simone and have been reading a 400 page book about her life for the past few days (I started reading it Monday I believe, and was skimming like crazy to finish it). Wednesday night I was up super later reading, trying to finish so I could put together my Powerpoint, and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet. So I dropped my book on the floor of Elliot’s apartment (where I was reading) and took a few pictures.

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199/365 – Stubble

I am so behind on everything right now. This next week or so is just jam packed with things that I need to get done, it is crazy. And because of that I haven’t been able to upload my 365’s for the past few days.

So, this is from 2 days ago (7-27). Elliot hadn’t shaved for a while, and in honor of the Flight of the Conchords song “Bret, You’ve Got It Going On” (which I just showed Elliot on this day) I thought I would take a picture of his lovely stubble.

Kind of a lame picture for day 200, but oh well.

198/365 – Melting

It was so hot tonight, at least it felt like it as I took self-portraits, which involved 3 outfit changes. I got home and realized I didn’t take any 365 pictures while out, and since it was so hot some melting ice would be appropriate.

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197/365 – Quality

Tonight my church (Southland Christian Church) had an incredibly great service.  I am so excited about what this church is doing and where we are headed. It is so evident that my church, and more importantly the people of the church, are absolutely passionate about Christ, and doing what He has called us to do. The leaders of the church are absolutely dedicated to doing one of the most important things Christ asks of us, to love. It is so exciting, and so refreshing to see people once again focused on the most important part of Christianity.

After the service I drove to my new favorite spot in Lexington. I think this place is going to be a regular place for me to visit and reflect. I need to start bringing a notebook and sketchbook for some quiet time with God, I am so excited about what  he is doing in my life right now.

Anyways, this was a sign near where I ended up sitting for a while, and I just thought it was mildly ironic that it said quality.

(If interested in checking out Southland and the message from tonight, head to their website where you will soon be able to listen to the message, titled 5)

196/365 – Keenland

I didn’t get a chance to upload yesterday, so here is my 365 from last night. I went to Keenland (the racetrack here in Lexington) to try for some self portraits, and was able to get some lovely lens flare and golden hour pictures. Not all that exciting, but I enjoy looking at it so that says something right?