182/365 – Pinnacle 10 Development

I am half way done with my 365, crazy!

Well, back to playing catch up. Saturday was an exhausting day. I had to be in Louisville by 9:00 am for a day of open shoots for Pinnacle 10. We shot 12 or 13 people, which took until around 7:00 pm, and I then had an hour drive back to Lexington.

Pinnacle ten is a model and talent agency group. The photographer (Andrew Kung) who I have been helping out works for Pinnacle 10, and invited me to learn the ropes on Saturday so that he can hand off the open shoots to me. Once a month they hold these open shoots where they try to bring in new talent. Aspiring models come in for hair, makeup, and styling and we shoot them in a couple different ways. They get two or more outfits, and we do a combination of ambient light and strobes. We shoot differently based on how we would potentially be marketing the person, either commercial or fashion. The open shoots are not only a way for the hopeful models to get some shots for their books and such, but also a way for Pinnacle to start finding and developing new talent. It was such a great experience, I learned so incredibly much in such a short time.

This picture was taken using a ring flash, and is of one of the new, unsigned talent that came in on Saturday.

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