The Garden

Here are some more shots that I took of my mom’s garden in Minnesota. I absolutely love her garden, and it is always so wonderful to walk around and see the changes that she makes to it in between my trips home. Not to mention how awesome it is to have when I don’t know what to take pictures of.

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224/365 – The Beginning

Well, sadly another kind of lame picture for today. I had a somewhat busy day (which included meeting with the bride of my first wedding that I am shooting!), and just forgot until late that I didn’t have a picture.

Before I left MN my mom broke off this branch of her plant, and wrapped the base in a wet paper towel so that it would grow roots and I could have my own plant. So, for now it is sitting in its future pot waiting to grow roots.

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223/365 – Driving

Yesterday I drove back to KY from MN, which is a 13 hour drive. Because of this, all I really had time (or energy) for was to take a picture while getting gas. So, even after sitting on the edge of your seats (as I am sure you do for my posts..) you are stuck with this.

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32/365 – Untitled

Well I decided to post one more from my project, which I will finally go ahead and describe a little.

My project for my studio this summer was a self-portrait project (for those who did not know). The project was focusing on growing up and gaining independence and such. It is a series of self-portraits, that go in a progression from essentially childhood to after college (this image posted here is actually the final image in the series). I am currently in the process of laying out a book for the project, and plan on selling this book once I get it all finished. If interested in purchasing be sure to let me know, it will be a limited edition type of thing so there won’t be many copies available. Or if you would like more information feel free to ask!

30/52 – Untitled

This was from my studio project that I recently wrapped up. I decided I will not be using most of them for my 52 week shots, just this one and one of my other favorites. Then I have one more that I took since I have been in MN and  I will be all caught up on my 52 week pictures!

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221/365 – Target Field

Last night I had the chance to go see a Twins game at their new stadium. It is such an incredibly beautiful stadium, I just couldn’t get over it. They did such a good job designing it, and it is so fun watching a baseball game outside with a view of the city in the background. I had such an incredible time, and owe my brother big time for taking me with (thanks Jake!).

I know this isn’t the strongest, or most interesting photo, but I just had to show of where our Twins play!

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220/365 – Floating

This jar has been sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets at my parent’s house since before I can remember, but I just noticed it the other day. I knew I had to take a picture with it, and actually had a self-portrait idea in mind. I took some self-portraits with it tonight, but they didn’t work out so well I don’t think, but I have yet to go though them so we will see.

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29/52 – I feel it all

I took this such a long time ago, but with my studio project I just didn’t have time to edit or post.

This may be one of my favorite self-portraits that I have ever taken. I can’t even fully explain why. It is mostly just because of the night that I took this I think. I was fairly upset going to take pictures, and I had intended to take some for my project, which failed, and then I went and just sat on this bench and reflected on everything. I came to some pretty important realizations, and fell in love with the location.

The title is from the song “I Feel It All” by Feist. The video is pretty cool, and I have fallen in love with the song.

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