238/365 – Jessica and Jake’s Wedding!

I am back! Thanks to my incredible boyfriend I have CS5 once again, which means I can finally edit the pictures that have been piling up. So, get ready for lots of blog posts over a shot period of time.

On Saturday I shot my first ever wedding! It was for a friend, which was so wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to shoot my first wedding for. It was such a fun wedding; a nice simple ceremony, beautiful decorations, and such an excellent reception. And we couldn’t have had much better weather. Overall it was a great day, and for being my first wedding I am very happy with most of the pictures!

I am just putting up these two because I still have TONS of editing to do on the rest, and I would like to get those done before posting the rest. But, these are easily two of my favorites.

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I have to say, Jessica is absolutely stunning. She made it difficult to take a bad picture of her that is for sure.

They had decided to do the “early reveal” which was such a great idea. It allowed for such better pictures in my mind. And, they have this awesome barn right behind her parent’s house, which was perfect.

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