258/365 – A nice evening rain

WordPress wasn’t loading for me yesterday, so here is my 365 for the day.

We got rain for the first time in ages yesterday, and after sleeping away an awful migraine all day that was about all I could think to capture.

257/365 – The Challenge

Once again tonight, I didn’t take a picture before class, and then it was dark when I was out of class. I originally wanted to go do some star trails tonight, but it was getting late, and I hadn’t had dinner, and there was a full (and very bright) moon which made it difficult to see any stars. So I was asking Elliot what I should take a picture of, and he said “will you do a challenge?” I told him yes, so her grabbed a few items from my house, and we then headed to his apartment. Once we got to his apartment he grabbed a few more things and put them on his table, and told me that I had to use at least one of the objects on the table. I could shoot anywhere, and use any lighting and combination of objects that I wanted, but I had to use one of those objects on the table. And it also had to be in black and white. As soon as I saw the knife I knew I wanted to do something with it, and then my mind made the connection to the hat.

I know the “blood” doesn’t look realistic at all, but hey, it was somewhat rushed, and my first time faking blood.

It was definitely a fun process (the challenge part), I think I might make this a common thing. So, by all means, if you would like to challenge me with something, let me know!

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256/365 – Things…

Time for another edition of “things around my house.” This whole “getting dark early” thing is making my 365 lame. I don’t get out of class until after dark, but it is still too bright for any pictures that I have in my head (or would like) before class. It is quite the dilema. So tonight I was telling Whitney (my roommate) that I was just going to take a picture of the thing I made in class (the bottle with the purple ribbon and “wings” coming off of it; i made it in my middle school art ed class), and she said, “you should just put a bunch of junk around it.” So she started piling a bunch of random stuff in the kitchen around it and told me it was like the Eye Spy books. So, I apologize; hopefully tomorrow you will get to see something interesting and fun for the first time in forever.

I am slowly getting through the wedding pictures though, so in the next few days I wil have a bunch of those!

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255/365 – Flintstone Vitamins

Tonight I should have had a much more interesting picture. Elliot and I went on a walk while he was doing his laundry (at the laundromat). I had my camera with me, and I saw something I wanted to take a picture of, so I put my camera up, and it wouldn’t take a picture. I looked at the info screen, and realized that my SD card was still in my card reader. Rookie mistake.

So, because of that mishap, this is what I ended up with. Lame, but relevant. I recently decided that it wasn’t even remotely possible that I am getting enough nutrients and such, especially iron. So I have started taking Flintstone vitamins, because they are the best ones, haha.

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254/365 – Strawberries and Pumpkin

Yum. My parents discovered this pumpkin pancake mix, and have sent me a few boxes, and I must say I love it. It is so delicious. Well Whitney and I made some the other day and had tons of left overs, so this afternoon after class I thought I would treat myself to a nice breakfast (well, lunch really). I had bought strawberries yesterday, and cut up a ton of them to put on my pumpkin pancakes. It was incredible.

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253/365 – Dreaming of beauty…

Today was a rough day, but the sunset was beautiful.

Another night of experimenting. I think there are four different textures in this one image, and I am torn how I feel about it. But, it fits my mood and mindset for the most part.

And I couldn’t think of a title, so I am sorry for the lame one.