252/365 – Computer Guts and Experimenting

Confession time: I have a nerd as a boyfriend. Yes, it was hard to admit, but it is true, Elliot is a huge nerd. Tonight he had two friends over for a LAN party. I don’t know all that much about these things, but I know his friends all brought their huge desktop computer’s (built by themselves of course), their huge monitors, controllers, and a crazy amount of wires. They hooked everything up, and were attempting to play Halo. That failed (lots of technical problems, which is ironic since they all work in the same computer repair place), so then they decided to play Starcraft (which Elliot plays on an almost nightly basis). So here I am, sitting on the floor (all the seating space is taken up by computer parts), editing pictures, and listening to their hilarious nerd talk. I didn’t have a picture for today, so naturally it had to be something computer related.

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Elliot’s apartment doesn’t have any lights, other than the one lamp he brought in, so I was trying to use flash. Elliot was helping me for a bit with his handheld flash and an electronic eye, but then got distracted, so I used my hand to block my on camera flash and kept getting these “flares” of sorts. I thought it was fun, so here it is.

And still playing with the handheld flash, and the newly refilled bowl of skittles. They don’t at all look like my normal pictures, but I kind of like them because they are so different.

251/365 – Horses

Last night was my first ever show. I had been accepted into a juried show, the Kentucky Showcase, and the reception was last night during Gallery Hop. Gallery Hop is a pretty cool thing. I can’t remember exactly how often it is, but a couple of times a year, on Friday night, all of the galleries in town open their doors and put out food and drink. People can just walk around downtown from gallery to gallery seeing all sorts of art (from beautiful and serene, to strange and creepy).

Lexington is hosting the World Equestrian Games in a week or so, and in honor of that they had a bunch of artists and schools and such decorate these fiber glass horses. They are all over the place in Lexington. Some are awesome, and some are just weird. I would like to go walk around and try to see them all sometime, although that may take a while.

250/365 – Gallery Houses

This evening, during my art education class, we ventured down to the gallery on campus where there was currently a reception for a show related to the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. There was one artist in there who had made a bunch of stuff out of human hair, it was interesting. I really liked this piece though. There were tons of the little wooden houses laid out on the floor, it was very cool. So I stuck my camera down and took a few pictures.

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249/365 – Silly Bands

I am actually posting on time for the first time in such a long time! I am still feeling drained in terms of my 365, and stuck on what to take pictures of these days, so I was wondering around my house and saw my silly bands on my dresser. I figured I might as well since the colors are awesome. My roommate got me all these for free, I love it (I am such a child).

Also, I went to my flickr set for my 365, and noticed that there was one less picture than how I had things numbered, which usually means that I forgot to put one in the set. But this time, I skipped a number a long while back. So now I am going to go through a ton of posts and change the number on them so that it is correct. Joy.

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248/365 – Beaversaurus

**All caught up! Except for today’s, which won’t come until tonight after critique.

This is Elliot’s. It creeps me out. I can’t remember the story behind it exactly, but basically at the place he used to work at they would always find random things. A couple of summers ago they found the dinosaur, and had some fun with explosives with him. They then find the beaver, and decided to attach the head to the dinosaur. It is now at his apartment, and Elliot used to love putting the thing in random places in his apartment so that when I would come over I would always find it in a new spot and be creeped out. Luckily he has stopped that. But last night I was searching for something else to take a picture of and this popped into my head.

247/365 – In the shadows

**Still catching up..

I completely forgot to take a picture on Monday. I was rushing around all day getting my print ready for the show because I had to bring it by the gallery that afternoon, and then class and tons of homework. I was reading for my art history class and fell asleep while ready, and then obviously taking a picture was not even close to being on my mind. So, last night I took two.

I made this “body” this summer for my studio that I took. We had to create a piece, using body parts cast with plaster, that showed emotion. I took pictures, which I have been meaning to get on here for ever, but basically it was this “person” with a bunch of chairs surrounding her. Whitney (my roommate) was kind enough to be my model, and let me cover her in plaster gauze to get this. It now sits at Elliot’s apartment on a chair, and it is insanely creepy to walk in at night when the lights are off and see this sitting there.

Anyways, last night I was laying on Elliot’s floor, completely stuck on what to take pictures of. I am in a bit of a creative drought lately, it is very frustrating. I kept looking at Whitney’s body (as we call it), and knew I wanted to do something involving light painting, but didn’t know what exactly to do. First I just had Elliot lighting it, then I thought I would jump in and do something too. I am not in love with it, but it was a bit of an experiment so it is ok.

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And here is the simple version:

246/365 – Doodles

**Still catching up..

Sunday, 9-12

My sister gave this book to me a while back as a birthday present. It has become my “water-color pencil” book essentially because that is all I use in it. The paper is just so perfect for water-color pencils.

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