270/365 – Fall Flare

** Well, I am back to catching up. First, I lost my card reader for a night, which obviously prevented me from posting. Then I had purchased a new hard drive for my computer, and Elliot installed that along with some more RAM, which required reinstalling my operating system, which meant that all my programs were gone, including CS5. And Elliot and I have been pretty busy as of late (who am I kidding, we always are), and so last night was the first chance he had to reinstall CS5 for me. So I am finally able to catch up on all of my pictures (which for the first time in a while I am excited about so many days in a row!). Once again, to reduce the number of posts that I have, I will just upload the extra pictures I like right in each day.

Wednesday, October 6

I showed up to studio a little early, realized on the way in how much I was craving bright, sunny pictures. It was finally sunny out again (we had a couple of days of darkness and rain over the weekend) so I ran in and grabbed my friend Danielle, and she came outside with me as I took pictures. I had originally planned on walking around a little, but there is a huge tree right next to the Reynolds building, and those leaves were just starting to turn so I took a lot of pictures of that, as well as a little plant there. So, the first picture is my main 365, and the rest were contenders.

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For some reason almost as soon as I walked out to the spot where the tree was, my eye went to this tiny little plant. I notice weird things..




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