316/365 – Play Time

**Sunday, November 21

I didn’t intend for yesterday’s picture to be of Pixel, but I was playing around early in the day, and then things got busy and I didn’t get around to doing anything else. So, once again, here is our kitty.

On an unrelated note, for those of you who know Flickr, my pro account ran out. I didn’t think I was going to miss it, but now that it is gone, yikes, free Flickr does not quite cut it. Too bad I barely have money for food, let alone upgrading my Flickr account. That said, if you should feel the desire to support this starving artist, I am always selling prints, just message or comment and we will work something out! And thank you all for the comments and encouragement!

Become a fan on Facebook at Abigail Thompson Photography. And be sure to check out the Etsy shop I opened with my sister.


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