35/52 – Tangled Cold

I took this self-portrait while I was home in MN for thanksgiving break, and just now got around to editing it. My original idea failed, partly because I was losing daylight fast, and because I completely forgot to take a picture that would have been necessary for the idea. So, next time I am home (in just about a week!!) I will try again.

5 thoughts on “35/52 – Tangled Cold

  1. I have been a follower of your 365 for a while now, nice work. I was just curious as to what type of tripod you use? I am looking to pick one up myself but not looking to go off the deep end in regards to price. Keep up the good work. I only wish I could be as motivated with my photography.


    • Thank you so much! I have a PlatinumPlus 6200DX tripod. It is pretty decent, and not too expensive. Definitely does the job, just not quite what I want in a tripod. I would recommend it though, for sure.
      It took time for me to get this motivated. Once I got into my 365 I really got into it, and am completely committed to finished it, even though I usually fail at keeping up with projects and such.

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  3. Ah, MN. I graduated from high school in Rochester–I live in Texas now to avoid the cold. Anyhow, even though your original idea didn’t quite work out, you turned out a great self-portrait. I think it portrays the bleakness of November in MN, to be followed by hell until April. The sun is far away and low at that time of year. Hard to work with.

    • Well thank you so much! And ha, yes, the sun doesn’t appear much during the winter months in MN, it gets a little rough. But, I didn’t mind it while I lived there really.

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