More 365 “Outtakes”

As always, prints are available upon request.

Day 69 – 3/18/2010

Day 70 – 3/19/2010

Day 71 – 3/20/2010

Day 76 – 3/25/2010

Day 83 – 4/1/2010

Day 84 – 4/2/2010

Day 84 – 4/3/2010

Day 87 – 4/5/2010

Day 88 – 4/6/2010

Day 89 – 4/7/2010

Day 91 – 4/9/2010

Day 99 – 4/17/2010

Day 101 – 4/19/2010


43/52 – Drift

I am feeling quite miserable at the moment, and didn’t go to school because of it. No voice, plus coughing fits, plus congestion equals bad teaching. Anyways, I was listening to the rain this morning and an image for a self-portrait popped into my head.┬áSo, I did what any sick person would do, I went outside to take pictures of myself twirling around in the cold/rain.

This is quite possibly the earliest I have ever gotten my 52 week picture done too.

Week 42 “Outtakes”

Here are the others that I absolutely loved from today’s picture.



42/52 – Clean

This was such a last-minute idea, yet these are my favorite pictures that I have ever taken of myself. I had the hardest time choosing, so there will most likely be another post with the others that I loved.

Basically straight out of the camera too, just some basic and minimal editing.


365 Outtakes Round 1

I have been going through my 365 pictures to delete bad ones and find good ones that I never posted. It has been a difficult process for certain reasons, but, I am determined to get through it despite everything. I will be posting the pictures over multiple posts (I have only gone through the pictures for the first couple of months so far after all), so enjoy the ride! Oh, and I apologize if some have already been on here before, I can’t remember which pictures I posted to my blog and which ones I didn’t. I am going to try to check but I may have some overlap.

Day 7 – 1/15/10

Day 14 – 1/22/2010

Day 17 – 1/25/2010

Day 20 – 1/28/2010

Day 34 – 2/11/2010

Day 36 – 2/13/2010

Day 51 – 2/28/2010

Day 52 – 3/1/2010

Day 68 – 3/17/2010


41/52 – Light

This is one of the ideas out of my photo idea sketch book that I started a few weeks ago.

Thank you to Dave for throwing feathers at me as I flipped my hair around.


40/52 – Untitled

My original ideas keep failing and falling through.