I had posted pictures of Whitney for my 365, but while going through old pictures I stumbled on these gems. I so wish I would have brought in a strobe for the two images in the field to really make them pop; you live you learn though. Anyways, meet once again, my beautiful roommate Whitney!

2 thoughts on “Whitney

    • Thank you! I probably would have had one at a 45 or so on the right. I don’t use flash hardly at all (in fact at the moment all I have available to me is an on camera speedlight), so it was more wishful thinking than anything, and it would be something I would have to play with a bit to get what I wanted. I was able to fix them up a bit in photoshop, but before I did the background was extremely bright and she was still pretty dark since the sun was behind her, so a fill light would have been nice. And it would have added a nice element of drama too.

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