19/365 – Untitled

Goodness this burned my eyes. I am still finding clumps of mascara on my eyeball, hours later.

Sometimes, I feel like the watermark just doesn’t belong on certain images. I left it off this one on purpose because I felt like it destroyed the clean simplicity, and was just a distraction from the emotion I was trying to convey.

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4 thoughts on “19/365 – Untitled

    • Well the mascara itself doesn’t necessarily hurt, but the amount that was getting on there combined with all the water that I was pouring into my eyes was quite the burn, haha.

      And I really love that description, I might even change the title to that if you don’t mind!

  1. This photograph really touches and inspires me. I mean, you are a very talented and brave photographer that takes risks and experiments (scientifically and photographically) which result in some captivating and beautiful images.

    THIS photograph, however, gave me chills. This piece, so simple, so fresh, so alive, so easy to relate to. Honest.

    Thank you, for becoming another one of my inspirations. 🙂 You simply amaze me. Keep on clicking! I’ll be clicking along with you. Clicking and painting and drawing and singing and writing.

    🙂 Creativity is beautiful.

    • Thank you so very much, I love hearing that my work can have such a strong impact. And I am so glad I am an inspiration for you 🙂 Creativity is indeed beautiful. Thank you again for so many compliments!

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