Trey and Deeanna

I had the privilege of shooting Jay and Deeanna’s wedding a few weeks ago. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, and everything went so smoothly it was just wonderful! Congratulations you two!

We started off the day at Deeanna’s house with hair and makeup for her. The natural light in there was a dream, and with Ana Crane-Simpson doing the hair and makeup it was such a great start to the day.

After finishing up Deeanna’s hair and makeup we had a slight break before group shots at the hotel, so I managed to get some detail shots of her beautiful dress, jewelry, and shoes.

This was such a cute little memory from the day for me, a text from Trey while getting ready. It is a little hard to see here, but it says “still wanna do this? :)” Such a perfect example of how fun these two are.

Then it was time for the guys to get their pictures taken. My partner for the day, Susannah, shot most of them while I was with Deeanna while she got dressed.

And then came the girls. It was a bit tricky because Trey and Deeanna didn’t want to do an early reveal, so it took some coordinating to make sure they didn’t accidentally run into each other.

After wrapping things up at the hotel we headed to the beautiful Estes Chapel to get ready for the ceremony and do some pictures there.

Trey’s gift to Deeanna was so beautiful, and the card that was with it was so touching.

Because the chapel was so beautiful and so full of natural light we stayed inside to get some quick group shots.

We then headed across the street to get some pictures with the beautiful greens all around. The light couldn’t have been more perfect there.

Trey was waiting in the background, and for the first couple of shots I didn’t notice that he was in the frame. But it ended up being a fun little addition to the image in my opinion.

1 thought on “Trey and Deeanna

  1. GEoooooooorgie!!!
    I LOVE the pics and Bridezilla is GORGEOUS—Oh I hope Dee Dee isn’t reading this—but it’s too late for her to back out now!!! HOW nice of the Holiday Inn Tanglewood! Can you believe they have those same Blue Boxes—just like Tiffany??? Leave it up to FRUGAL GEEEOOOOORGIE to know where to shop for the very best price in jewelry! Did you get a good price with your points for nights or bar visits there??? Mama #3 is so proud of you!

    BEAUTIFUL pics, but my very favorite is just really a typical GEEOOOOORRRRGGIEEE scene. Sitting on the bench, after it’s all over, in deep thought—-YAY! She went through with it!!!! Wheeeeeww!

    Love to you both! Sorry I missed being with you and having YOU see me walk down the aisle in my slinky old lady RED DRESS!!!!!

    MAMA #3

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