Red River Gorge

I have millions of pictures of the Red River Gorge on here already, but, since I have been hiking there twice already this summer, I have tons more to share. So here are some extras from the past two times I have been.


8 thoughts on “Red River Gorge

  1. Hi, I am not going to make one of those dumb “wow nice photos you must have a good camera” statements, but… I like the focal length of your close up shots with the narrow depth of field e.g. No.3 in this batch. As I can’t see the exif data could you tell me what focal length/max aperture of this lens? Just curious. 🙂 Thanks

    • Haha thank you for not making one of those statements. I actually used two different lenses for the photographs in this post. The ones with the narrow depth of field were all done with a 50mm f1.8 lens though. Were you wanting to know specific settings for certain shots? Or just the lens information? Thank you for stopping by, I am glad you enjoy them!

      • Thanks a lot Abigail. That makes sense – the 50mm can focus reasonably close. Now if only I hadn’t sold mine 😛

        Keep up the good work. I find your images inspiring and helps me to kick start my own creativity.

      • Of course! That is too bad you sold yours, my 50mm rarely comes off my camera, haha. I am so glad you find my work inspiring, that means more than you know!

  2. Cameras really broaden the range of view of human~
    We would never notice the micro-scaled or fast moments without them.

    Somehow I love the first one the most~~~ The color was dreamlike and the little grass was sweet~~~

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