60/365 – Polaroid

Meet my newest camera! I found this on Etsy last week and fell in love with it. Because of my trip, I had it shipped directly to Minnesota so it was here waiting for me when I got home. Unfortunately I have hardly any film for it (only 8 frames), so I am saving them for my big trip coming up (which will be explained below).

This may be a good time for a quick run down of my life and how my 365 will be kept up in the coming days. I am shooting a good friend’s wedding all day tomorrow, and it will be the first wedding that I have shot alone, so it will be a big test for me. Because it is a friend, I will likely stay at the reception after I am done shooting to catch up with friends, so I may not get a chance to get my 365 uploaded tomorrow. Then, Saturday morning I am packing into the car with my family and we are headed out to my brother’s house in South Dakota. It will be yet another day spent in the car for me, so again, getting a 365 may be interesting. And uploading it will be even more interesting. And finally, on Sunday we are all headed to Rocky Mountain National Park for a week of camping and hiking (and for me, picture-taking). I am so incredibly excited, but of course I will be unable to upload for the entire week, and will just be unavailable in general. But, amazing pictures are to come I hope! So bear with me for the next week or so, and be sure to stick around to see the big things that I have coming!

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