80/365 – Wash Over

Tonight was an interesting night. I had been craving a self-portrait, and so I texted my friend Danielle asking for help. Then, something terrible happened. Some of you may remember my Jumper sculpture from last summer. While I was moving chairs out of the kitchen so I could do some cleaning, I bumped a chair leg very lightly on the sculpture. Then, the metal pole broke off at the base, and my sculpture fell to the floor. I just stood and stared at it for a while, and didn’t look at the damage for quite a few minutes. It put me in quite a bad mood and for a while I thought about backing out on the self-portrait idea (that had already involved throwing water at me). But, I decided to just go on with it, and wow was it a hilarious shoot. Danielle nearly knocked me over with a couple throws, and made my contact literally pop off my eye in another.

Moral of the story, self-portraits are extremely therapeutic (at least for me). It was exactly what I needed after the disaster. This is just one of the reasons I do self-portraits on a regular basis.

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