95/365 – Illuminate

I had this idea the day that I shot the butterfly and finally had a chance to reshoot it tonight. Unfortunately the grass is somewhat dead since we haven’t had rain in such a long time, so there isn’t as good of color as the first time around.

2 thoughts on “95/365 – Illuminate

  1. Haha, as I scrolled down to see this photo and the object came into view, I won’t tell you what I thought they were for a split-second! 😛

    About the butterfly photo, I was on flickr looking at the D90 + 50mm 1.8 group and I spotted it there! Even among a multitude of shots it stood out. Then I saw you were one of the top contributors for the group. Small world!

    • Haha oh goodness, I don’t even know what you could have thought.

      And thank you so much, that is so good to hear! And I didn’t even know I was a top contributor, ha, small world indeed!

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