100/365 – Giant

This is not what I would have liked for my 100th shot of this project. I was in the studio tonight to try to get some shots for my new series that I am starting up for the semester, and was planning on using something from that. However, between not being able to find equipment, and finding broken piece after broken piece, nothing worked. I got home close to midnight, without a shot, and when I opened my back door to take the trash out I was greeted by this big guy. All I can say is that I am extremely glad he was outside. I can’t even stand to look at this picture for very long.

1 thought on “100/365 – Giant

  1. Yikes… that is a scary spider! I actually found a dead (thank god 🙂 ) spider just like this on my front stoop the other day… I thought he looked like a miniature crab… the legs and coloring look very similar crab legs, in my opinion. I haven’t posted my photographs yet but if you check my blog sometime this week, we can compare spiders! Haha only if you have the time that is :). Great post and I’m glad that spider was outside your studio!

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