RMNP Day Three

On our third day at Rocky Mountain National Park we decided to take it easy, since we were going to be climbing Longs Peak the next day. We woke up and took our time getting ready for our hike more than we usually do, so I had time to grab some pictures of the flowers around our campsite with the morning dew and sun.

Our easy hike for the day ended up being to Bierstadt Lake. The hike was a pretty steep one, and we were mostly in the woods so there wasn’t much of a view except for a few times.

When we arrived at the lake I was in awe. It was absolutely stunning there, like a dream. We spent the afternoon sitting by the lake, reading, with my feet in the water. It couldn’t have been much more perfect.

The water was so incredibly clear, and it was surprisingly warm for being a mountain lake. It was perfect for dangling my feet in while I read.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you may remember that my 365 for this day was a duck. We were sitting there relaxing and this duck swam up and just hung around us for a while. So of course I took a ton of pictures.

Then the afternoon storms started to roll in. We wanted to get down to our car before it started to rain, but my brother and dad had gone off to hike to another lake so while we waited around for them I got some more pictures of the incredibly scenery and the clouds that were moving in.

My brother started skipping rocks then, which I couldn’t avoid taking a picture of, so I went with it.

And lastly, I couldn’t leave the lake without showing some love to my analogue sunrise decorated nalgene.


6 thoughts on “RMNP Day Three

  1. Love the 5th pic down – the one of the yellow flower. Also really like the 8th photo down, great exposure, looks like really fresh air there. Was opposite bank curved like that or is it lens distortion? If we could get down closer to those rocks so we almost touch them it would add even more depth to the scene. The reason I am making so many comments about this photo is because for so long now I have been waiting to get out and try a wide angle shot like this. But sadly have been too busy of late.

    Like split photo number 10 too. The different focal point and horizon level works well I think.


    • Thank you so much! The opposite bank was curved, but there is probably some distortion coming in to play as well. I am glad you enjoyed them, and I hope you get some time to get some wide angle shots in soon!

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