I had the itch for a self-portrait for quite a few weeks, and finally had a chance yesterday to do one that I had sketched out a while ago.

For the most part it turned out how I had wanted it to. I do wish that there was more glass on my face, but it just kept sliding off. I plan on doing a sequel of sorts, and have figured out a way that should get the glass to stick, so hopefully I can get to that in the near future.

I am really drawn to the one with the eyes closed, but have heard from many that the prefer the opposite. So I am curious to hear, which one do you here on my blog prefer? I would love to hear some feedback!

5 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. Actually I prefer the eyes open shot too. It speaks to me more. Just a feeling, have no proper reason why! By the way, there is something going on with your blog in the WordPress App – I can’t see your photos.

  2. I prefer the symbolism of eyes open – to me, it the shattered glass seems to represent something painful or hurtful. (A glass breaking over your face is mostly going to be caused by either someone smashing it or a very unlucky circumstance.) In the eyes closed picture, you have succumbed to this hurt, perhaps died, even. You are not fighting. In the eyes open shot, you have a fierce expression. As if you may have been hurt, or suffered, but you are alert. You may yet fight. You may rise out of this bed of glass and overcome the shattered circumstances that surround you.

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