11/366 – New

I wanted to use the muted window light this afternoon while it was snowing, and ended up really liking the highlighted edges that resulted. Plus I got my hair cut yesterday so I figured it was a good excuse for a self-portrait.


12 thoughts on “11/366 – New

  1. Really a wonderful self-portrait. The composition is wonderful, especially with the gorgeous background you managed to find and capture very well, which is the perfect compliment to the colors of your skin. the lighting is great as well. Everything about this image fits together beautifully.

    If I were to be very critical, only two small things catch my eye in that way. The first is the only obviously round bokeh in the whole shot, behind your hairline on the right edge. It catches my eye a bit and seems to pull focus away from you. The second is so small it only comes into play in the large view. In it, there seems a red ‘line’ in your eye that is a bit distracting, and a bit of a yellow cast to it. Again, this is me being super critical; as a whole the image is marvelous and striking.

    I apologize if you do not want such critical feedback on your images here, My thought was just to help as you develop your photography, which I’ve been enjoying very much.

    • Thank you so much! And I do not mind the critique at all!

      The red line in my eye is just a blood vessel, I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out (even though I was zoomed way in while editing).

      I’m glad you have been enjoying my work, and I appreciate the feedback!

    • Thank you! And nope I do not (at least not usually). Generally speaking I am in a situation that also has a decent light in front of the subject so a flash for fill light is not necessary. Plus, an easier way would be to bring in a bounce (just a white piece of paper or poster board) to add in just enough extra light. Does that help?

  2. So I have kept this photo on my phone for months because I love your haircut!! And I am finally am getting it cut…tomorrow! But I showed my hairdresser this photo and she can’t really tell how to cut it, lol. Is there any way you could send me more pictures ASAP?!?

    • I am so sorry I am just getting back to you! I think I only have one other that is a different angle, it is from the back. But I don’t mind giving it to you. If you could just get me your email address I will send it. You can email it to me if you would like, there should be a link on the right to email me.

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