51/366 – Frostbite

I feel like I need to apologize for posting this, ha.

I had no other ideas, and was feeling quite lazy, so naturally I took a picture of my badly frostbitten toes. I froze them a month ago or so, and they are not looking any better. But as the saying goes, “frostbite in January, amputation in July” so I will just have to wait and see.

8 thoughts on “51/366 – Frostbite

    • I wish it was a more exciting story, ut about a month ago Red Bull hosted an event called Crashed Ice in St. Paul, MN. My friends and I went to watch one night, and it happened to be one of the coldest nights we had this winter. I was wearing boots that didn’t have much of a sole, and even though I was wearing 2 pairs of socks I guess the cold was just too much. We were standing on a frozen hill for most of it so that probably didn’t help. I had noticed that they were extremely cold, and eventually lost feeling in them but didn’t think anything of it. They started hurting like crazy a few days after and I couldn’t figure out why until I started to notice the color change.

    • The ended up peeling for a bit, and then were mostly fine. I didn’t lose any toes, but they are very sensitive to cold now. Once you get frostbite it is much easier to freeze them again, (which I actually did, slightly). I am always very careful about it now, and if I notice my toes getting painful I try to get inside to warm them up (when that’s an option).

      How did you freeze them? I hope you are alright!

      • I’m glad you didn’t loose any toes! I was out waiting for my daughters bus in the freezing cold with old Uggs and no socks. I never thought I would get frostbite. My dr says its a “waiting game” now. My toes look just like yours in the photo.

      • Ouch. Yeah it really is a waiting game. My doctor, who had worked with lots of bad frostbite, said that the saying (frostbite in January, amputation in July) really is true. But hopefully if they look like mine that means they will be fine!

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