67/366 – mail

One of the few fun parts about a long distance relationship is getting packages in the mail from my boyfriend. It makes a long day so much better when I see things like this waiting for me when I get home.

4 thoughts on “67/366 – mail

  1. do you find a long distance r.ship difficult? has it always been that way?
    nice shot, i can understand your postal excitement

    • It has been very difficult for the most part. There are times when it is ok, but generally speaking it is a lot of work and no fun. We started dating in August last year, and it has been long distance since December because I had to move. I will say that it has improved our communication a ton though, so that has been good. But it does put a lot of stress on the relationship most of the time.

      • i can imagine, do you have any plans on making the distance shorter?
        i’m not sure i would be able to cope long distance from my boyfriend

      • I am starting grad school this fall in kansas, and he is actually planning on moving there as well. So in about 5 months we will be at least within 2 hours or so of each other (depending on where he can find a teaching position), and maybe even in the same city! Needless to say we are both incredibly excited for these next 5 months to be over.

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