everything. by aithom2
everything., a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

I normally don’t post my random film shots here on my blog, but I really like this one so I thought I would share (via flickr since I still need to figure out my upload space here on wordpress).

It happened by complete accident really, and I was quite frustrated at the time. My Pentax, which was my first camera, and has been my favorite film camera, wasn’t winding correctly. Well it turned out it actually wasn’t winding at all, and so all that I shot ended up on one frame. I am not so happy it wasted an entire roll, but at least it looks cool.

3 thoughts on “everything.

  1. Know what you mean, it is such a pain a whole roll gets wasted! My Olympus has problems with the shutter now which has made me really sad…wonder how my film will come out! Thank you for sharing! Im now really curious to see how mine has turned out! xx

      • Ive got an OM40! When I press down the button to take a photo the shutter sticks open for a while before releasing (even when on a fast shutter speed!) Have checked the batteries and all sorts so not sure whats up with it! Think Im going to have to take it to a place to get it looked at! And get the film processed too! Think the results will be a bit blurred and ghosty! x

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