235/366 – Sky on Fire

235/366 - Sky on Fire by aithom2
235/366 – Sky on Fire, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

I meant for this to be a diptych, but my scanner decided to be difficult tonight.

sx 70 | px 70 v4b test film | darkness slider half way to dark.




232/366 – Blinds

*Tuesday, August 28
My stomach hates me, and yesterday it prevented me from uploading.


231/366 – Greenhouse

231/366 - Greenhouse by aithom2
231/366 – Greenhouse, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

I finally had a chance to shoot the new Impossible pioneer test film. It was strange not having to rush to protect it from the light.

sx 70 | px 70 v4b test film | Exposure wheel all the way to dark.


230/366 – Daydreaming

Today one of my friends introduced me to the sculpture artist Daniel Wurtzel. His video titled Magic Carpet inspired this image, and potentially a series as well. His work is truly beautiful.


229/366 – Pose

It was dark and rainy all day, and I had no clue what to photograph. Luckily I have a cat…