282/366 – Fall Confusion

I ordered a Holga lens for my Nikon last week, and got it in the mail yesterday. I went out shooting with it for the first time for my grad work this afternoon and decided to try out a double exposure with it. This is pretty much SOOC, just a bit of a contrast boost.

For those of you who may not know, a Holga is a cheap, plastic film camera. They have a plastic lens, and are known for their soft focus and heavy vignette. They now make lenses like this that can attach to DSLR cameras. Since my grad work is about Alzheimer’s I thought it would make more sense to be shooting with a lens that distorts and disturbs the images like this instead of getting “perfect” photographs.

On another note…I am finally all caught up.

4 thoughts on “282/366 – Fall Confusion

    • Thank you! Double exposures were the first way that I tried to depict the disease, and it has now progressed to weavings. I am still really drawn to how double exposures convey this idea of disintegrated memory though, so they may come back into play in my actual “serious” work.

      My family has a history of Alzheimers, and so it is a pretty personal thing for me. My best work always comes out of very personal places, and so I feel I should go with those ideas. I am also focusing on it in part because it is something that doesn’t seem to be referenced a lot in art.

      • I’m sorry to hear of your family history. I am a physical therapist and have worked quite a bit with Alzheimers patients. It is a difficult disease…

        I am a quilter and I know there is an Alzheimers Quilt Initiative-though I don’t know much about it.

        Love your photos…

      • If you would be willing, it may help me to get some information from your perspective? I don’t have much first hand interaction with people with Alzheimer’s, and I am trying to build up some information to influence my work.

        Also, I checked out your blog and saw that you live in Stillwater? That is where I am from, and so I just loved going through your pictures of downtown. It sure made me miss home though!

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