291/366 – Propagating

I replanted one of my succulents the other day, and decided to try to propagate some of the leaves. Basically all you do is gently pull off a leaf from the stem, let it dry out for a few days, and then place them on top of wet soil for a few weeks (or so I have read). I had planted one leaf in some soil a bit ago, and it grew roots but no other leaves. I’m hoping these do better so that I can have some new plants soon!

2 thoughts on “291/366 – Propagating

    • The instructions I found were from the winter, so I’m hoping they sill work out ok. And yes I expect them to take quite a bit of time, and I’m ok with that. It will be worth it 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and for the help! I will try to make sure I am not watering too much.

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