310/366 – Letting Go

*Wednesday, November 21
It was so, so windy while shooting this. It made things difficult, and pretty much impossible to shoot exactly what I had in mind. I am decently happy with what I got, though I think I will try to reshoot at some point in the future.

5 thoughts on “310/366 – Letting Go

    • I had really just wanted more smoke, and wanted the birdcage off the ground. But the wind was insane so the only way to get a decent amount of smoke was to have the birdcage on the ground because it was slightly more sheltered there.
      The concept is still the same, it just doesn’t come across as well in my opinion.

  1. Yes, I saw this and really liked it. (I thought that I had hit the like button.) I didn’t realize that it was a self-portrait. Now that I pay attention to the location, I recognize it. I thought that you had the right amount of windy smoke, by the way. Nice job!

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