349/366 – Journey

*Thursday, January 10

Thursday morning I packed up, and headed out for Kansas. There is no great, direct way from South Dakota to Kansas, and so I ended up taking back road highways the entire 12 hours. It was an interesting drive to say the least, but at least it was beautiful.


4 thoughts on “349/366 – Journey

      • I plan on flying into Omaha and traveling west along The Lincoln Highway, then perhaps taking an alternate route back into Omaha. I would like to meet with the locals and get a good insight of what living in Nebraska is like and then proceed to document the trip on my blog. I plan on completing this part of the voyage solo, once back in Omaha; I will pick up my honey. From the airport we will head west again to experience the “Junk Jaunt” – I believe that is what it is called? I’m all about photographing that event! Do you have any suggestions of what to see, where to stay etc., etc.? The more unique the place, the more I would love to see it. I have wanted to travel to Nebraska for years and years; I’ve decided that this is my year!

      • That sounds like quite the fun trip! Unfortunately I don’t know all that much about Nebraska. I have only driven through it a few times, and never stayed. So I won’t be much help for suggestions.

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