160/365 – The End

One of the bad things about growing grass in little pots is that it doesn’t last long. It has been dead for a while now, and since I started taking pictures of the tine before there was grass I figured it was appropriate to take some of the dead grass.

Straight out of camera. I love the golden hour.


128/365 – Reflection

Well last night I was just too exhausted to upload this picture, so I am still playing catch up. Hopefully I will actually be able to get today’s picture up today.

118/365 – Blending In

It has been a while since I have taken pictures of the tins, so I thought that it was time for one.


86/365 – Easter egg hunt

Yes, the grass tins again. I hope they aren’t getting boring. I got these chocolates in the mail from my mom a couple days ago, and thought this would be a fun little shoot. I had a hard time deciding on a picture, so I may post more on here later on (yes I know, I say that all the time.)


77/365 – Trim

This is why I love growing grass. I get to cut it and feel productive for a few minutes and feel like I have something new in my house. Plus it just feels cool (yes, I am a strange person). I am hoping to make a stop motion of the pictures I took from this, which I am so so excited about! So keep your eyes out for that (hopefully tonight even).



As you can see the grass in the little tin pots is growing wonderfully. I love it, it makes me happy to come home from a long day and see the bright green. Yes, I am somewhat silly, but it is good that I get joy out of such tiny things isn’t it?


64/365 – Growing

I know you have seen these before, but I planted grass seed in them and it started to grow so I figured it was ok to photograph them again. I am not completely loving this shot, but it is dark and threatening rain outside so I don’t want to go venture for another (at least as of right now). And I couldn’t decide on a crop, so I have included the full picture; feedback is greatly appreciated.