Here are some more random pictures from my current 365 that I thought deserved sharing. I am also going to be making a separate post of just a few extra self-portraits, and a big post of pictures from the Red River Gorge within the next few days, so keep checking back!

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Outtakes Round Six

It has been a while since I posted any outtakes from my first 365, so I thought I would get on that so I can finish them off. This is the last of them (for my first 365 at least…).

Day 239 – 9/5/10

Day 240 – 9/6/2010

Day 243 – 9/9/2010

Day 258 – 9/24/2010

Day 263 – 9/29/2010

Day 302 – 11/7/2010

Day 319 – 11/24/2010

Day 339 – 12/14/2010

Day 359 – 1/3/2011