191/365 – Explosion!

Tonight around 7:30pm the sky turned black. It looked like night outside, except I could see the edge of the cloud, where it was lighter, just past my house. It then got darker, and stayed dark for a while, with lots of thunder. Finally is started raining, and I mean really raining. It was basically coming sideways. But me being who I am NEEDED to go outside in it, so I threw on my rain jacket, wrapped my camera in plastic wrap, and ventured outside. I was literally dripping wet after only 3 minutes outside. I went back inside, thinking I had a shot, took off my coat, squeezed quite a bit of water out of my shorts, and looked through my pictures only to realize I didn’t get one that I liked. So, I put my coat back on, wrapped my camera back up, and headed out into the monsoon again. I was outside for around 6 minutes this time, and when I went in I was soaked all the way to my underwear. It was crazy. There was a pool of water where I had come in and out and hung my jacket (and I mean a serious pool).

So I took around 300 pictures of the same thing (on burst mode), trying to get some rain drops, but pretty much failed in all of them. Plus I was shooting at ISO 1000 at f2.5 and 125 and they were still too dark (at 8:00pm if you can imagine that).

This is the only one that I remotely liked. I did like a couple of the pre-storm cloud pictures, and I may upload those at some point as well.

Sorry for the long stories for the past couple days! I hope they are at least somewhat entertaining!

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170/365 – Summer Dreams

Yesterday was, overwhelming to say the least. If you remember from a week or however long ago, I had mentioned how badly I need a new camera. Well, yesterday afternoon, my prayers were answered. A friend came over yesterday afternoon, with a wrapped box in hand. I opened it, and discovered that I had just been given a brand new, Nikon D90 kit. This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but this was (and is) HUGE to me. Right at a time when I was needing one and trying to figure out how I could possibly pay for one, someone just hands me one.

This is by far one of the most generous gifts I have ever received. I was in shock for a good half hour, and then I became completely overwhelmed with emotions. I sat on my couch, thinking about the weekend and past weeks; with all of the shoots I have been doing with Andrew Kung, and then with this camera, I was overcome by how incredibly blessed I am. I am in awe of how perfect God’s timing is, and how God has used the people in my life.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am, and how excited I am to see what God has in store for me.

So, all that said, here are two exciting things about my beautiful new camera: my favorite lens, a 50mm, is now autofocus!! on my D40 it was only manual focus, so I am so excited that I will be able to use my nifty 50 more. And secondly, it shoots video! I shot a video last night, but am still trying to figure out music to go along with it, so that will have to wait a few days.

Last thing, and then I will stop rambling. I know this picture is pretty common, and not very exciting at all. But I love it, and it fits so well with how I am feeling at this point in time, so I don’t even care.

94/365 – Hang

I had to move a million (slight exaggeration..) 50 lbs and bigger bags for my ceramics class today. I was completely dead. And didn’t really want to take a picture, but I took some as I was walking out of studio. This has been hanging from the ceiling for a couple of days now. I have no clue what it is, but that is generally true of most things in the Reynolds building (my school’s studio).

93/365 – Splash!

Well this is the shoot I tried to do a while ago, and I finally got to re-try it. I still may redo this at some point (when I actually have some money to get proper equipment), but I am fairly happy with a few of these. Plus it was just a perfect day so how could I be upset?


I am taking it back to my roots here. Flowers were where I started with photography, but up until this spring I hadn’t done a ton with it since then. But this spring I have had my camera with me a lot more often than I have in previous years, so I have been taking advantage of everything blooming. These are from a walk I took a couple of weeks ago.