52/366 – Shadows

So much good news today, and such a great day over all. A simple shot like this just felt right.

I hadn’t announced it here on my blog yet, but I will officially be attending Kansas State University in the fall for my MFA! I was able to skype with my future professor this evening, and it made me even more excited to get down there and dive in to the process. I cannot wait!

91/365 – Shattered

I started shooting for this semester’s project tonight, which brought me to my friend’s storage unit. Her and her husband were reorganizing things and found some broken frames so I grabbed a few pictures after getting my project shots out of the way.

My project (as of now) is focusing on things that hold us back. Things like money, time, possessions, et cetera. So, I would love to hear, what holds you back?

89/365 – The Web

I think this is the earliest I have done my 365 yet this project. It is such a relief having it done this early. And, I love being able to just go out, set things up quick and have everything go extremely smooth, get some good shots, and be done. Such a great feeling to start the day with!

17/365 – Angles

Today was an event called 3tography, put on by OhCrop! Magazine, where everyone was supposed to take a picture at 3pm (local time). I didn’t have much time so I just wandered around my house looking for something, and I hadn’t done anything in black and white for ages so I thought I should try to go in that direction.

Also, I have some exciting news! I will be writing an article for the magazine’s next issue! I am so excited about this opportunity, though I have never done anything like this before so I hope it turns out alright. I will be sure to post a link to issue when it is finished. But for now be sure to check out past issues on their website.

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