91/366 – Logan

**I am trying to get caught up on things at the moment. I was in Lexington with my fiance last week, and didn’t want to worry about posting while there. And then I came back to a crazy couple of days at work. So here we go.

Friday, April 6 – Logan is the best dog ever. He is my fiance’s roommate’s dog, and is by far the most calm, chill dog I have ever been around.

312/365 – Pixel

We decided on a name a week or so ago, so meet Pixel! Who we now think is a boy, not a girl. Luckily we picked a name that works for either one. All I can say is that he came at a good point in my 365. You will probably be seeing a lot of little Pixel in the next 53 days.

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232/365 – Moose

Well, I cheated. Yesterday was a busy day; I went to church, then straight to Ikea (where I foolishly left my camera in my car), then to dinner, and then to a movie. By the time I got home from the movie I was dead, and passed out almost immediately. So, I took this picture this morning after class. I was at Ikea with Elliot, and we walked past a bin that was full of all these little stuffed animals, and I jokingly told him he should buy me one, and he pulled out a moose, which was just too perfect to not buy (since I am from Minnesota, and for some reason people automatically associate moose with MN).

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