36/366 – Dip

We made some cookie dough dip for the Superbowl today, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so great all day so I didn’t get to enjoy it (or any of the other amazing food that was there).

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a wonderful start to their week tomorrow!

215/365 – Tan Lines

My friend Kate (who was in my last post with the slip ‘n slide) has one of the best watch tan lines I have ever seen. It is impressive really, and she was kind enough to let me take pictures of it. I took this while all my friends were playing volleyball last night. I can’t play because of my knee so I just sit there and take pictures. But I had done so much yesterday that I was exhausted after hanging out with everyone and just didn’t have the energy to post this last night.

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212/365 – Surgery

Well I had surgery this morning at 8:00am. I desperately wanted to stay on top of my 365 for a while, and so while they were prepping me for surgery I took a couple of pictures of my IV. And I edited the picture and am writing this while on oxycodone. I have also been editing engagement pictures (from the engagement session forever ago) all day, so those could be interesting. But, I am not supposed to walk much for a couple of days still so editing pictures is what I will be occupying my time with. I apologize if I post a million things in the next few days.

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187/365 – Scratch

I am extremely accident prone, and pretty much every day, no matter what I am doing, I manage to get a bruise or scratch or lump or something. I was cleaning up and organizing my house today, and was reaching behind the metal shelves in the closet, but my arm got caught on the end of one of the poles, resulting in this scratch, along with 5 other ones below it. And yet, this is just a typical thing.

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