279/365 – Beer and Nuts

**Catching up…

Friday, October 15

Three food pictures in a row, wow. I had an absolutely awful day, with just about everything going wrong, and was not in the mood for taking a picture. Elliot had some beer, and he cracked one open for me right as I was telling him how I didn’t know what to take a picture of. He pulled out his beer mug and poured my beer in it, and then opened up his peanuts and arranged this little set up. He also went to grab his flash so I had some interesting lighting at least. I am actually mostly happy with this shot, despite everything.

That was a long, and poorly told story, I apologize.

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101/365 – Sweet Tea

Today was just an absolutely miserable day, for such a long list of reasons that I wont get into. This was the only bright spot of my day, I had made some sweet tea in between classes and had a glass full that wouldn’t fit in the pitcher, so I poured it in a glass and decided to throw ice in it since Elliot found my remote for me. I like a ton of them, so expect to see more.

41/365 – Dots

I had a bit of a rough day today. Some rude comments made by my high school students, a frustrating class, and then just feeling super sick for most of the night. I am just not feeling very good about anything, I haven’t been happy with my pictures lately, I have been uninspired with studio projects, and have come to some realizations about my future that are not the happiest. So I wasn’t even wanting to take a picture tonight, but I picked up my camera and walked around my kitchen and took a few shots.

On a side note, I have had a few people suggest to me that I start to sell my work, so I may look into that and see about getting something started. If you have any interest maybe let me know so that I can figure out if it is even worth. So there is something potentially exciting in my day.