177/365 – Biscuits

Still catching up, this one is from Monday (7-5).

Both Elliot and I had Monday off from school and work, and so we had time to actually make a good dinner. We grilled steak and salmon, and had some veggies and biscuits, it was delicious. And such a nice treat since we never get to make a good dinner together.

27/365 – Cookies

I bought a package of pre-mixed peanut butter cookies a long time ago, and they had been sitting on my counter for months. I finally decided to make them, but as soon as I added the oil, egg, and water, I knew they weren’t going to be very good. I think I have decided after today that I will only make cookies from scratch from now on.

I am uploading 2 today, because I couldn’t decide between them really. Enjoy!