Blue Giraffe

This semester I moved to a new studio, one that has windows. I was so excited to finally have natural light in my studio, so I brought in some plants to decorate my windowsill. I still felt like I needed more color, and was inspired by all the gold-leafed or painted animals I had seen on Pinterest. So, meet Gerald the blue giraffe!

giraffe(2555)web windowsill(2553)web

Also, I have noticed many new followers in the past few weeks, and I would love to meet you all and hear how you found my blog! Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy!

241/365 – Bamboo

**Catching up now that I have photoshop again…

Tuesday 9-7

My roommate, Whitney, bought some bamboo a bit ago, and she puts it on the kitchen table occasionally. When I got back from class on Tuesday night it was there and I didn’t have a picture yet so I figured it would make for something interesting.