240/365 – Beer

**Catching up now that I have photoshop again…

Monday 9-6…

I had a couple of Bud Lights left over from the fourth of July, and I am not a fan of Bud Light and so I knew I wanted to use them for a photo. Monday I got back from class and there was only a little bit of light left, but it was still bright enough to do some faster shutter things and so I decided it was a good time to use the beer.

So, here is what comes out of a completely random, spur of the moment shoot involving old beer.

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And, just for fun, here is the runner-up.

126/365 – The Big 21

Well, yesterday was my 21st birthday. I didn’t get a chance to upload because it was a pretty busy day. This was my first legal drink! Elliot (my boyfriend), Susannah (my close friend), and I went to Pazzo’s, which is sort of known for their beer and pizza, for lunch. It was just a fantastic day; so chill and relaxed, but allowed for some great time spent with a few great people.

35/365 – Catching Up

Me and a good friend finally had a chance to catch up today, and so we went to get lunch at one of the best pizza places I have ever eaten at. And according to most, also one of the best beer places in Lexington. Me being under 21 did not order any beer, but I liked his glass, and so I thought it would be a good 365 for the day.