It’s the small things.

This picture was taken while I was back home in MN for my surgery, but I needed to upload something to let you all know where I have been (in terms of my lack of posting).

Earlier this summer I had downloaded the trial version of CS5, because my old version didn’t support the RAW files of my new camera. Well my trial version ran out, and I was in the middle of trying to wrap up my project for my summer independent study, and so I screwed around and somehow managed to get another trial version. Well, that trial version ran out on Saturday. I am currently trying to figure out how to pay for a full version, or figure out something else. Since I shoot everything in RAW, I can’t exactly do anything with all of the pictures I have taken the past few days. I am hoping that by tonight I will have CS5 again, and therefore start getting caught up on everything. I shot my first wedding on Saturday, and so I will be getting some of those pictures up, and then my usual 365 shots.

Falling this behind and not being able to edit pictures is driving me completely insane.

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176/365 – Horseshoes

Goodness my life is busy lately. Time to update you all on what I have been up to and why I have been unable to post.

The morning of the fourth I took some product shots of designer sunglasses and glasses (Lilly Pulitzer) with Andrew Kung. I am not sure if those shots will be up on my blog at any point or not, but it was really a great learning experience. On the third I even got to sit in on the creative director meeting which was really nice. After taking the product shots I headed to Elizabethtown where Elliot’s parents live. They were having a big get together for the Fourth of July with all the extended family. We ate some good food and some of the men played some horseshoes. I took a ton of pictures while there, so expect more from that later on. We didn’t get back until late and I was too dead to get to editing pictures. Plus I was still behind at that point, so it would have involved editing a lot before I could to the ones I took that day.

I have to get to studying for my test tomorrow, and so further updates will have to wait. But, just one quick explanation for why I haven’t been posting this week. On Tuesday I went to put all the pictures I had taken over the weekend on my computer, only to find out that the hard drive on my laptop was completely out of space and I couldn’t fit any of the pictures. I ordered a Lacie terabyte hard drive Tuesday night. Last night I decided to delete a ton of pictures off my computer that were already backed up on my some external hard drive that I already have. By the time I got pictures organized on my computer and everything I was dead, and so I decided to wait on getting all caught up. And now tonight, I have time for posting one, but now have to study and read for a test that I haven’t even thought about until right now. So, hopefully tomorrow I can finally get all caught up.

Sorry for the insanely long explanation.