282/365 – Giant Acorn

**Catching up…

Monday, October 18

Monday ended up being another day where it got dark before I had a chance to take a picture. I was going to go out and do some long exposures, but decided to just find something in Elliot’s apartment until he got back from work. He had gone to the Lexington Cemetery on Sunday, and picked up this giant acorn there.

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117/365 – Cyst

Is this picture artistic? No.     Is it interesting? Not really.       Is it relevant to my life at the moment? Absolutely.

I debated putting this picture up, because it is not necessarily a strong photography. But this project is partly to somewhat document things for a year, and this is something that is part of my life at the moment. Especially today, since it was one of the painful days. It is going to be a hard summer….

99/365 – Eyelashes

I bought these last semester for a shoot of Elliot’s, and had been wanting to use them again sense then. Today I finally had a chance. I wasn’t going to do an extra picture for today (I did a self portrait), but then saw the light on my table and thought the shadow from the eyelashes would be cool.